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Safety and Ecology

Policy on Health, Safety and Environment

With consideration for specifics of the industry and production hazards, our company gives priority to environmental and occupational safety issues. These issues are elements of our key business activities as they ensure proper quality of works and are one of key performance indicators reflecting on our company’s financial results.

Our company maintains a Health, Safety and Environment Management System (HSE MS) which forms our internal Policy on occupational safety and job risk management, regulates interfacing of all production process parties at the level of personal and collective responsibility and provides a mechanism for compliance with requirements of the Policy adopted in our company

Safety is an integral part of ENERGOSOUZ EAST ENERGY L.L.C.’s activities. Safety First: every employee of our company and/or contractor organization must suspend his/her work if there is any threat to his/her health or to lives of other people and refuse from performing a job task in case of an unsafe working environment. Safety is our life style: we meet safety standards everywhere and at all times even when we are off the job. Safety is our responsibility before the society: we care for the environment at facility sites where we live and work. Industrial safety is achieved through strict observance of relevant regulations, detailed risk analysis, development and annual review of prevention and control measures. Special attention is given to (company and contractors) personnel training in industrial safety skills and risk management
Occupational Health
ENERGOSOUZ EAST ENERGY L.L.C.’s most valuable asset is life and health of its employees. Every day, our company performs job operations using various equipment and construction, repair and installation activities of varying degree of complexity. Such activities involve potential industrial risks. ENERGOSOUZ EAST ENERGY L.L.C. is aware of its responsibility for the lives and health of all of its personnel. That’s why our company management gives top priority to occupational health and safe working environment among other important tasks it faces. ENERGOSOUZ EAST ENERGY L.L.C. is confident that achievement of a high performance level in its occupational safety activities directly depends on favorable working conditions for its employees; that’s why ENERGOSOUZ EAST ENERGY L.L.C. management assumes responsibility for implementation of the ENERGOSOUZ EAST ENERGY L.L.C. Health, Safety and Environmental Protection
Environmental Safety
There are measures in place in our company aimed at minimization and prevention of accidents relating to waste management and accident response in case of such situations. There is an industrial and domestic waste management system in place in ENERGOSOUZ EAST ENERGY L.L.C. aimed at prevention of harmful effects of industrial and domestic waste on human health and environment as well as on recycling of such waste as additional raw material sources. ENERGOSOUZ EAST ENERGY L.L.C.’s goal is minimization of adverse effects of industrial and domestic waste on human health and human habitat by way of: - introduction of advanced low-waste and waste-free production technologies; - minimization of waste amount and reduction of its hazard degree through primary treatment; - prevention of their spillage or loss during handling, transportation and temporary storage.
HSES Management
The company’s HSES policy does not merely provide for every employee’s involvement into the matters of health, safety, environment and security, but also makes it possible to promptly receive necessary information for the development of well-timed corrective actions in the areas requiring improvement. Our HSES management systems meet the requirements of international standards ISO 140001 and 180001. General object of the Company is creation of safe working conditions for its employees combined with provision for environmental protection. The Company management’s priorities include promotion of the employees’ responsible behaviour in health, safety, environment, security and quality areas, as well as strengthening of motivation for continuous improvement at all Company’s levels. Our facility security plans include the Company’s policies and procedures focused on continuous improvement. These plans promote higher personnel responsibility for achievement of zero accident level in terms of the following:  Zero occupational injuries and diseases (World-level safety indicator);  Zero negative impact (Sustainable use of natural resources);  Zero errors, omissions or defects (Quality and technological effectiveness of performed works). All employees take a training course in accordance with in-house standards for the purpose of cultivation of respect for the environment and are trained to immediately react to any emergency for prompt identification and prevention of potential injuries or accidents.