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Our processes

Quality assurance/control program

Quality assurance/control program aims at the products quality assurance/control, as well as focuses on its continuous improvement by applying a complex approach to the control of quality of our products and services. Our quality management system meets the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008.

Material control

As a part of project implementation, individual plans of material management and incoming material quality control plan are developed. Such plans help to manage both customer-supplied and Company-supplied materials. By combining this approach with the search for the most suitable building technologies, we ensure the timely receipt of materials and carry out the inventory management at the site.

Project implementation

Project implementation process is based on the fulfillment of scheduled work stages. We break down the complete work cycle into separate stages and then plan the allocation of resources in detail finally making the integrated project management schedule. In this way, we are able to efficiently manage our projects.

Technical supervision

The key to our project management philosophy is administration of engineering documentation in the course of construction works in order to guarantee tracking of all changes throughout all stages of work. Our professional team is engaged in control of engineering documentation, ensuring presence of all as-built documents required for completion of the project.

Management of changes

Our project implementation strategy is aimed at the control of compliance with budget and deadlines throughout the life of the project by adequate management of changes. It is very important for measuring of project performance and ensuring of fulfillment of all works in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

Assessment of work performance efficiency

In our projects, we apply the method of daily/weekly record of target and actual indicators, which we use for measuring of efficiency indicators. We can develop the corrective actions both in respect of cost effectiveness and compliance with work schedule at the early stage of problem arising and in this manner control the process of project implementation.